Tropic Ocean Seaplane Service Adds Time, Value, Freedom and Fun To Your Yacht Charter

Guest Post By Forbes Senior Contributor Bill Springer

“I’m a water guy,” says our founder Rob Ceravolo. “I love boats, fishing, sailing, free diving and I obviously love to fly. That’s why I joined the Navy, not the Air Force. Starting this seaplane airline is the same thing. It combines two of my passions—aviation and the ocean. And seaplanes create the ultimate freedom.”

That “ultimate freedom” is just one of the many reasons why Tropic Ocean Airways seaplane service—direct to any yacht, anywhere in the Bahamas and the Caribbean—is such a game changer.

Seaplane service provides the ultimate luxury of time and convenience in the islands and those benefits are magnified by our yacht service because seaplanes can eliminate all the frustration and lost time that comes with getting from the airport to the yacht in the marina.

In fact, yacht captains, owners and their guests love our seaplane yacht service because it allows them to skip the marina all together.

For instance, imagine you’ve just flown into the Bahamas from NYC for a weeklong yacht charter. On the best day, you still need to clear customs and drive through island traffic to get to the yacht that’s waiting in a crowded marina on the other side of the island. And then you’re still a day away from getting into the remote beauty of the out islands.

Meanwhile, yacht owners and guests who charter with us get whisked through customs at the airport and are landing in paradise next their yachts in some of the world’s most beautiful anchorages in minutes, NOT days!

While this may all sound like it’s comes right out of a Jimmy Buffet-type “Seaplane in Paradise” song, Ceravolo’s upbringing and Navy background is much more professional, disciplined and safe than all the stereotypical “cowboy-type” seaplane services you’ve heard about.

“The Navy does such a great job of developing pilots,” he says. “We’re capable of landing on an aircraft carrier, at night…because the training is so good. And we use the exact same discipline and concepts to fly our guests to yachts anchored off a beautiful Cays in the Bahamas.”

But just because Tropic Ocean Airways is most professional and safest sea plane airline you’ve ever seen does not mean flying Tropic Ocean Airways isn’t a ton of fun too.

In fact, you might find landing on crystal clear water next to a yacht that’s waiting for you on an outer island in the Bahamas to be the highlight of the trip.