The long-term resilience of the Bahamas is tied to preserving its precious ecosystems. Traditional airport and runway expansion comes at a massive environmental cost through destruction of vital reefs and habitats. However, Tropic Ocean Airways envisions a future where essential airlift is achieved sustainably through amphibious seaplanes.


Our aircraft utilize existing marine infrastructure with minimal footprint. And as innovators, we are evaluating advanced electric and hybrid planes to pioneer green aviation across the islands. By embracing new technologies and mindful operations, we see potential for emission-free flight that connects communities, drives prosperity, and safeguards ecological wonder across the Bahamas and South Florida. The future depends on mobility solutions that integrate conservation.


At Tropic Ocean Airways, we are rethinking aviation to open access while protecting the natural splendor that makes this region special. Through ecological stewardship and next-generation sustainably-powered seaplanes, we aim to enable the economic potential of local businesses without environmental disruption.


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At Tropic Ocean Airways, we are committed to sustainability and environmental responsibility. We also partner with organizations such as Saving the Blue, Seakeepers, and The Bimini Shark Lab to contribute to conservation efforts and protect marine life. Our dedication to environmental responsibility helps to preserve the unique ecosystems and marine life of the Bahamas.


We are committed to developing the next generation of aviation professionals. With a global pilot shortage, our FAA-approved Aviator Career Enhancement (ACE) Program creates a clear career path for aspiring Bahamian pilots and aircraft mechanics. Through intensive training, the ACE Program prepares trainees to become certified Pilots in Command or Captain in just 6-12 months. Our partnership with COCO Bahama Seaplanes allows ACE Program graduates to further their careers while delivering sustainable air transportation to the Out Islands. By nurturing local talent, we aim to reduce the islands’ reliance on long runways, drive economic growth in local communities, and protect the natural Bahamian ecosystem for future generations to enjoy. Our mission is simple – provide world-class aviation training opportunities for Bahamian youth.




Our commitment to sustainability goes beyond our daily seaplane operations. We also provide critical disaster relief and emergency medical services to the Bahamas. Our amphibious aircraft can swiftly transport supplies and personnel to aid recovery efforts following hurricanes, storms, and other disasters. During Hurricane Dorian in 2019, we mobilized quickly to provide humanitarian flights to the worst impacted areas. Additionally, our seaplane network enables us to offer air ambulance and medical evacuation services, even to more remote Out Islands lacking traditional infrastructure. By integrating these services alongside our eco-friendly routes, we are building a more resilient future for the Bahamas.

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