Travel to Harbour Island

Tourism did not get started until the 1920s, but in 1941 Bahamas Air started regular service from Nassau. Once guests arrive at the airport they must take a cab to the harbor, then a ferry across the bay. Commercial flights from Atlanta, Miami, and Fort Lauderdale fly every day directly. In peak season, private jets litter the airfield for those renting homes on island from Island Real Estate and Dunmore Realty.

What sets Tropic Ocean Airways apart from the rest is we provide service direct to the island with no stops in route. Our Amphibious Caravans offer an amazing experience and convenience most travelers are unaware of. When we land, our guests and Pilot In Command ride a boat to Government Dock where Officer Curtis is waiting to clear the group. There is no waiting time and both Customs and the boat service are arranged in advance.

The attractions for guests to Harbour Island are many. The island has two amazing marinas Romora Bay Resort and Marina or Valentines with yachts up to 160 feet at dock ¾ of the year. Five-star restaurants populate the small town such as Rock House or The Landings and outnumber ones available in New York per square mile. Most travelers look forward to spending time on the pink sand beaches, this is the second location in the Western Hemisphere where this happens. Sports Illustrated has used Harbour Island for photo shoots on many occasions for the swimsuit issue. Fishing, diving, horseback rides, and an elite class of traveler keep Harbour Island ranked among the top places to visit in the Caribbean.

Travel cycles to the island mimic that of the Bahamas. Season begins with a “pop” for Thanksgiving and another for Christmas. February sees little traffic but in March it picks up until Easter. Between Easter and the end of July the island is packed almost every day.

Please get to know this tiny gem in northern Eleuthera. Anytime a guest inquires about North Eleuthera, chances are they are staying on Harbour Island or Royal Island, we offer our services direct to their door.