The World is Our Runway

Our Charter team is asked often where we can fly our guests to on a regular basis. It is sometimes difficult to imagine a seaplane takes you almost anywhere you could imagine visiting. We have taken groups fly fishing right from the plane after spotting bonefish from above. A small party was looking to spear fish away from the usual locations and had the photos to show it was an amazing experience. Imagine being dropped off on a remote shore to kiteboard the coast and finally picked up again several miles away.

Our fleet of amphibious aircraft and commercial pilots give us the creativity to safely explore all the reaches of the islands and coasts. We provide convenient transportation to yachts who choose to explore further without marinas. Private homes or rentals that would normally be a chore to reach are now only minutes away. Harbour Island direct, no problem customs will meet us at the dock.

Where would you want to travel if the runway and cars were not a challenge? Be the first to put your toes in the sand of a remote island or enjoy your own food and drink while swimming with the pigs. We bypass South Florida congested roads reducing the travel time from hours to minutes. Where would you go with a seaplane if the world was your runway?