The Top 7 Ways to Adventure in the Exumas

The Top 7 Ways to Adventure in the Exumas

Whether you are searching for new adventures, animal encounters, or delicious local pastries, The Exumas is bound to provide all the memories you wish to make during your tropical island getaway!


Below, you will find the top seven activities to down after landing on the island chain, guaranteed to make your vacation memorable.


  1. Swimming with the Pigs at Big Major Cay, near Staniel Cay

If you’re looking for an exciting island adventure and some Instagram worthy photographs, visit Big Major Cay, a short boat ride away from Staniel Cay. Swimming with the pigs has often been a highlight memory in the Bahamas, and the pigs at Big Major are no exception. Whether you get there by boat, ferry, or seaplane, the roughly 20 pigs on the island are sure to excite you and leave lasting memories!


  1. Deans Blue Hole

Located in the bay west of Clarence Town, this 660-foot-deep blue hole is the second deepest in the world. For those who love water adventures, this is a diver’s dream. While it is only recommended to dive if you are a professional, the turquoise surrounding waters and white sands provide the perfect location for an afternoon float or snorkel session.


  1. Thunderball Grotto

If diving isn’t your thing, perhaps Thunderball Grotto would be more up your alley. Reached by boat, Thunderball Grotto is just west of Staniel Cay and appeared in two James Bond films. The location is perfect for a snorkeling adventure. Once swimming through an underwater tunnel, you will arrive at a cavern opening with a natural sunroof.


  1. Allen’s Cay

Allen’s Cay, otherwise known as Iguana Beach is home to the North Bahamian iguana. While iguanas are often seen in various parts of the world, including southern Florida, this iguana species is one of the most endangered. While exploring the tiny island, enjoy watching the endangered species while they watch you.


  1. Lee Stocking Island Ghost Town

Hoping to add some history and mystery into your island getaway? Lee Stocking island is located slightly north of Great Exuma and was once home to the Perry Institute for Marine Science. When funds stopped coming in, the institute closed down with everything still intact. This haunted, yet beautiful paradise island adds a little thrill to your getaway!


  1. Rum Cake at Mom’s Bakery

No island experience is complete without delicious local foods and secret locations. Mom’s Bakery in Williams Town on Little Exuma Island is one such place. This bakery is known for tasty rum cakes and other Bahamian pastries that are guaranteed to make your mouth water.


  1. Swimming with the Sharks

Looking to add a bit of danger during your tropical getaway? Compass Cay is the perfect location to swim with the sharks. While this may sound terrifying, the nurse shark is a misleading shark that is often slow-moving and harmless to humans. In the clear waters of the Bahamian Islands, this is an excellent opportunity to try something daring.