The Best of The Bahamas Only 26 MINUTES From South Florida In Bimini

The tiny island of Bimini may just be 50 miles off the coast of Miami, but as anyone who’s spent time on the island will tell you, it really is a world away.

What makes this Bahamian destination even more attractive is just how quick, easy and affordable it is to get there from South Florida thanks to our regular seaplane flights from Fort Lauderdale.

In fact, since the flight over to Bimini takes only 26 minuets, we can get you from the South Florida, to the beaches, pools and casino of Resorts World Bimini in less than an hour!

While there’s more on Bimini than only Resorts World Bimini, it is the island’s largest beachfront resort (it’s 750 acres occupy about half of the island) that allows guests to feel like they have the whole island to themselves.

And since the resort provides guests with miles of white sand beaches, numerous infinity pools, multiple restaurants, and a world-class casino that are always close Bimini’s turquoise waters, they do have a good chunk of the island to themselves!

Guests also have a variety of waterfront accommodations to choose from. Some opt to stay in one of the hotel’s 305 modern rooms while others or opt for the ultimate luxury that comes with booking a private condo. Either way, the sleek lobby is the hub of the resort where you can book everything from a massage treatment in the spa to dinner reservations.

Guests can also easily immerse themselves in everything from paddling a glass-bottom kayak or speeding over the water on jet skis at the resort’s large marina. Snorkeling and dive trips on Bimini’s man wrecks can also be easily arranged.

And of course, the fishing in Bimini is—off the hook—and numerous charter boats are available to take you out on some of the world’s best sport fishing grounds.

So, what are you waiting for? Book your Bimini getaway today!