Great Ideas To Explore The Bahamas

Grand Bahama, West End

Swimming with the stingrays with West End Ecology Tours is a full day for the family or friends. With 5-star reviews and led by the friendly Captain Keith you will have a great time visiting multiple reefs and of course an unforgettable swim with the stingrays.

Andros Island

For world class bonefishing you may not find a better destination. The guides are all professionally trained and will direct you to the best spots to catch on the fly. Here is a small list of some great options: Nathan’s Lodge in Kemps Bay, Mangrove Cay Club in Mangrove Cay, South Andros. Bair’s Lodge , Andros Island Bonefish Club, and Big Charlie and Fathia Fishing Lodge in Fresh Creek. North Andros Flyfishing Lodge in San Andros are all worth a look.


Off the beaten path on South Bimini is the Bimini Biological Station we affectionately call the Bimini Shark Lab. Established in 1990 by Dr. Samuel Gruber the station studies, tracks migrations of, and promotes the conservation of sharks in the surrounding waters. Featured in every Shark Week to some extent they also offer swimming with the sharks in a controlled environment. This group of volunteers are true pioneers and will make the visit worth your time.

Normans Cay

This small island in The Exumas had a sorted history in the late 1970s and early 1980s with Carlos Lehder using the island as a distribution location for illegal smuggling. The history of the island was made famous in the book “Turning the Tide” describing how Robert Novak helped to break up the operation. Today Lehder’s home remains as well as the ruins of one of the cargo planes that crashed landed. Visit the island and learn of the history staying at McDuff’s Cottages.

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