Customer Service: The Tie Between Client and Company

Customer Service: The Tie Between Client and Company

If COVID-19 has taught us one thing in the past year, it would be that customer service matters. This can be seen from both the employee perspective and the customer perspective. Customer service has been more vital this past year than ever before as it blends the connection between the customer and the brand itself.


With fewer in-person experiences, the customer service representatives are the first face “seen” in the company and often play a key role in the customers view regarding the Tropic Ocean Airways brand.


Customers expect companies to be value centered and this can be seen by the actions of customer service representatives. A recent study shows customers seek companies that prioritize what they care about.

  • 63% of customers want social responsibility to be valued.
  • 54% of customers want diversity, equity, and inclusion to be valued.
  • 49% of customers want empathy to be valued.


At Tropic Ocean Airways, we hope to portray our values in every aspect of your journey.


Companies and customers alike have noticed the rise of messaging in a post COVID world, which  has led to communication channels between the company and the customer. This creates a fast and personal channel that allows the customer to have quick access and assistant, creating better connections.


Since COVID, the customer service field has changed for the better. They have the ability to establish a relationship with loyal customers while assisting them with speed, convenience, and empathy as they personalize their assistance during their journey at Tropic Ocean Airways.