Andros Untouched Splendor

Every island provides a beach, but not every island provides a wide diversity of opportunities to explore. Andros is a massive limestone rock riddled with underwater caves and blue holes with crystal clear waters teeming with life. Mangrove-lined wetlands cover huge swaths of Andros, intercut with endless mazes of channels that open onto bonefish flats and hidden beaches. Divers and snorkelers find endless fascination along the reef – and at the openings to the blue holes that are found all over the island, in the middle of forests, out on flats, inside deep channels, near the reefs and amid the stony ancient reef that makes up much of the landscape.

The island is poised in the path of migrating birds such as ibis, spoonbills, flamingos, hummingbirds, and the rare Bahama parrot. Fly fishermen set off in small boats with experienced local guides who somehow know their way through the crisscrossed confusion of cuts and channels that split Andros into three sections, and find the flats filled with silvery Bonefish and Tarpon. For ocean big game fishermen, the Tongue beckons, with big snapper along the deep reef and pelagics like mahi-mahi, tuna, wahoo and marlin out in the blue just a bit further out.

Come and explore this hidden gem that comprises of 82% of the landmass in The Bahamas. Every level of interest and luxury is available with the resorts surrounding Fresh Creek. The splendor and exceptional service of Kamalame Cay has made it the number one resort in the Caribbean. All-inclusive stays at Small Hope Bay include excursions for fishing, diving, or blue hole tours. World-class Bonefishing at the Andros Bonefish Club offers all day excitement on the water. The Big Bamboo gives families or large parties the chance to create amazing memories while posed on a salt water canal giving unlimited boating, fishing, or just laidback relaxing in a gorgeous setting. Andros is a hidden gem, but it won’t be for long.

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