Tropic Ocean Airways Servicing the Northeast

Tropic Ocean Airways Servicing the Northeast

As summer approaches, Tropic Ocean Airways is preparing to return to service in the Northeast USA. The long-awaited summer vacation can now be more relaxing, with a flight booked on Tropic Ocean Airways, providing faster transportation times to more remote areas.


Tropic Ocean Airways services the Northeast with service out of the East 23rd Street Skyport Seaplane Terminal. From there, Tropic Ocean Airways flies to a variety of locations in the Northeast. The most common route is from NYC to East Hampton, but Tropic Ocean Airways can also land on many places like Lake Kora, Lake Placid, Fire Island, Sunset Beach, Montauk, and Block Island.


Our Cessna 208 Caravan EX Amphibious aircraft is on average of four years old and can accommodate up to 8 passengers.  Flying to your summer destination compared to driving can save your passengers hours when leaving or going to the city and offers less weight limitations compared to traveling by helicopter.


We can \ land at most airports and most bodies of water. Water landings depend on how much space we have and if the area is on a protected body of water. With safety being at the forefront of our decision making, we never land in the ocean due to ocean swells and waves. Our planes are equipped with great avionics so even if the weather looks bad, we could still fly our way around it. Before each flight, we do a weather briefing and make a safety decision regarding the mission of the flight based on current weather conditions.


Listed below are our summer departure and landing location options for the Northeast.


Current Departure/Landing Location Options:

  • New York Skyport Seaplane Terminal is the only location to land and depart from in Manhattan.
  • Outside of Manhattan, we can land on water where deemed safe.
  • Current areas we’ve landed include:
    • East Hampton Airport, New York
    • Sag Harbour (boat transfer), New York
    • Montauk Airport, New York
    • Sunset Beach, New York
    • Lake Kora, New York
    • Plus many, many more!


Stay tuned to hear about our strategic resort partners in the area as well!