The Time to Travel is NOW

The Time to Travel is NOW

As summer slowly comes to an end, that does not mean your travels have too as well. If you’re looking for a peaceful, tropical getaway consider Great Harbour Cay in The Bahamas. With scheduled service launching to Great Harbour Cay on September 2nd, flights will offer private travel similarly priced to commercial travel. Great Harbour Cay offers a luxury vacation experience and long-lasting memories.


In case you need further convincing to travel in September before summer fully ends, here is a list of three reasons to book your next flight over to the tropics!


  1. Fewer Crowds

As summer begins to come to an end, popular tourist destinations and islands begin to see a dwindle in crowds, especially once Labor Day is over. With school starting back up, travel demands decrease slightly, making it the ideal time to hop on a flight. Fewer crowds often mean there will be a more relaxed travel environment and fewer tourists at well-known landmarks.


  1. Mild Weather

With fall approaching, the weather begins to calm down slightly. While September is still technically in hurricane season, the climate drops and makes for ideal travel weather to The Bahamas. With favorable temperatures, you will have the opportunity to explore all the outdoor adventures on the island without the sweltering heat of mid-summer. If you are looking for a time to travel in summer with less heat and humidity, now is your ideal time!


  1. More Locals

Typically, when a location enters the shoulder season or off season, such as The Bahamas would be starting to enter this month, more locals are out and about as tourists dwindle. This provides opportunities to get an authentic travel experience, meeting locals in the area and testing out cuisine that is off the beaten path.


Now is the perfect time to book yourself a getaway to paradise and enjoy the relaxing beaches, warm waters, and unique landmarks of Great Harbour Cay.