The Current Face of Travel – Flying Commercial vs. Private

The Current Face of Travel – Flying Commercial vs. Private

We all want to travel and shake off the COVID blues, right? Traditional methods of travel just don’t seem to be what they were pre-pandemic.  Clearly, flying private either on a charter or on scheduled service, has its perks…but the divide is growing wider by the day.  Commercial travel has become so arduous it feels like a chore rather than a treat. Flights are being delayed, pilots are frustrated with unruly and non-compliant passengers and customer service in the airports has dwindled drastically.


Based on these experiences, we thought we’d highlight the differences side-by-side:

Commercial Private
Long Lines No Lines
Massive Crowds & Herd Mentality Personalized Customer Service & Private Boarding
Delays Likely On-Time Departure
Full Planes Planes for Up to 9 Passengers
Lengthy Wait Times Expedited Travel Times
Hassle at Security and Boarding No Hassle Security and Boarding
Arrive Frustrated and Tired Arrive Fresh

On a recent trip from Nassau to Miami, it took one of our frequent flyers 7 hours door-to-door for a 30-minute flight! With the launch of Scheduled Service between Fort Lauderdale and Nassau launching on August 12th, this guest won’t have to suffer much longer. With arrival times 45 minutes prior to departure, 1 hour 10 minutes flying time and a swift arrival through customs and immigration, you’re set up for a much more enjoyable travel experience.


And making your choice even easier is the price parity. With $350 base-fare flights, the decision is simple! We look forward to having you onboard one of our scheduled service flights soon. Be sure to check in often as Tropic Ocean Airways continues to roll out new scheduled routes.