Big Bamboo

An Out-Island Retreat for One Group of Fishermen, Family & Friends at a Time!

Big Bamboo is a two acre gated estate inclusive of a Boutique Villa & Waterfront Playground that caters to only one familiar group at a time.  When Big Bamboo is booked by a group, the group members are the only guests at Big Bamboo throughout their booking.  Big Bamboo guest numbers average 4-8 people at a time and therefore, is a most compatible group number for your charter flight services.


Big Bamboo has 3 double bedrooms, a “pilot tribute den”, a large open style kitchen/sitting/dining room on the first floor and a self-contained twin bed studio on ground level.

Also on ground level is a conservatory style smoking/drinking room looking towards the garden and creek.


A small honesty shop stocks branded Ts and baseball caps.


Big Bamboo Villa is conveniently situated in Central Fresh Creek, some 5 minute drive from the airport and across the bridge from Hanks, a popular restaurant and bar hangout.It is available to hire in its entirety and sleeps 8 in great comfort.


  • Paddle Boarding
  • Kayaking
  • In-water lounging floats
  • Fishing with a variety of spinning reels, fly-fishing rods and trolling gears
  • Bahamian Style Hand-Line fishing
  • Snorkeling
  • Water Slide
  • Pool & Beach Swimming

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