Visit the Largest Bahamian Island this Summer

Visit the Largest Bahamian Island this Summer

Visit the Largest Bahamian Island this Summer

Summer vacations are fast approaching, and we don’t want anyone to miss out on this summer hot spot in The Bahamas. Andros constitutes 82% of the land mass of The Bahamas but only sees 8% of the total visitors to the entire country. Home of the third largest barrier reef, world-class bone fishing, a pirate haven (just a few years ago), and known for its diverse ecological and geological features we hardly understand why it has been amiss for so long.


This virtually untouched island is the perfect location for a luxurious, tropical getaway in the early summer months. With waters warming up and sunshine lasting longer in the day, the islands are calling your name. Wondering what unique adventures Andros has to offer, we have you covered!


1. Andros Barrier Reef

Being third largest barrier reef in the world, this is a bucket-list item to check off, with plenty of opportunities to explore either snorkeling or scuba diving. This reef is roughly 8 feet deep on the island side and ends at about 6,000 feet deep on the ocean side of the reef. It is a home to over 164 varieties of fish and coral and provides the perfect aquatic sightseeing adventure!


2. Blue Holes National Park

The Blue Holes across Andros have become an almost legendary sight with over 50 holes across the island. In this national park, which spans 40,000 acres, you will see many of these legendary blue holes that provide freshwater reservoirs. This is the perfect activity for an outdoor adventure with hiking trails and bird sightings as you explore the national park.


3. Bone Fishing

Interested in some world-class bone fishing? The island of Andros, known as the Bonefish Capital of the World, and particularly the South side of the island is your spot to be. Any angler in pursuit of big bones is bound to find excitement in this opportunity as they seek bonefish.


Whether you are seeking a bucket list item, an outdoors adventure, or aim to catch yourself a bonefish in the Bonefish Capital of the World, the island of Andros has something for everyone this summer and we can take you there! A premier seaplane experience leaves lasting memories and starts your luxurious, tropical summer vacation off in the most memorable way possible.