Tropic Ocean Airways Showcased Seaplane Carrier Services At 2014 Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show

Posted By : Tropic Ocean/ 22

The Fort Lauderdale Based Seaplane Airline debuted at the Largest Boat Show in the Country, Showcasing Charter Services for the Yachting and Boating Industries.

This year’s Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show wasn’t just about yachts and boats, as Tropic Ocean Airways brought a fantastic industry-related service to the table with their top of the line seaplanes, which was very well received by visitors and exhibitors alike throughout the five day event.

Positioned as the only seaplane airline exhibiting at the 2014 Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show, the Tropic Ocean Airways team had an opportunity to present their services to yacht owners, brokers and provisioning companies, as well as other companies which serve the yachting and boating industry. “I’ve been attending the show for over 20 years, and I’m thrilled to showcase our services at such an important industry event; it certainly marked a milestone in our company’s growth as we had an opportunity to be in front of industry leaders and future guests.”, says Rob Ceravolo, President and CEO of Tropic Ocean Airways.

Tropic Ocean’s fleet is comprised of late-generation Cessna amphibious aircraft, with luxurious interiors comparable to most private jets, and offers the perfect alternative for private and business travelers. “At Tropic Ocean, we combine our understanding of the luxury lifestyle market and personalized customer service to distinguish ourselves from regular aviation carriers. We are literally redefining the way people perceive the aviation industry”, says Ryan Custureri, General Manager of Tropic Ocean Airways. The airline focuses on the Florida-Caribbean market and provides door to dock service to multiple destinations within the region.

For yacht owners and brokers, Tropic Ocean offers reliable, fast, cost effective first class air transportation service. The amphibious aircraft are capable of taking off from any runway and landing near an awaiting yacht offering unparalleled transportation services for supplies, crew, and guests. The company has been servicing yachts and private islands for over 3 years, helping yacht owners save thousands of dollars on repositioning fees, or flying doctors to remote travelers in need of medical attention.

For travelers, they are a dream come true as they receive a private experience and avoid painful wait times at commercial terminals. International travelers can usually clear through customs in fifteen minutes or less, saving up to six hours of travel time for a regular roundtrip flight. Tropic Ocean also plans customized routes for resorts, private residences, and destinations where only a boat or seaplane can get to as long as there is a runway or water nearby.

About Tropic Ocean: founded in 2009 by US Navy TOPGUN Graduate Rob Ceravolo, Tropic Ocean Airways Inc is an FAA-certified air carrier specializing in private terminal service throughout Florida and the Caribbean. The fleet of late-model Cessna Amphibians are handled by highly experienced military aviators and seaplane instructors and provide service to private travelers as well as companies and organizations within the yachting and boating industry. For more information please visit their website athttp://www.flytropic.com

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