Flying is generally the most enjoyable part for a person’s travel, however it normally goes south once a person arrives at a commercial terminal—long TSA wait times, Customs and Borders enforcement zones, common flight delays, and public waiting areas often one and half (1.5) to two (2) hours wait times.

Tropic operates out of Sheltair, a private terminal at Fort Lauderdale International, and provides exceptional service making your trip seamless and efficient. Sheltair provides free parking and a gourmet cafeteria while you await your departure.  A dedicated guest relations agent will greet you at the terminal and assist you with your check-in procedure, baggage, and walk you to your flight. When you return from your trip, Tropic’s pilot will walk you and your family through private US Customs enforcement zone, and will be on your way in approximately 15 minutes.

Additionally, we utilize the Miami Seaplane Base located behind the Children’s Museum on Watson Island. The channel is also a cruise ship port in Miami where you can experience an astonishing water landing and takeoff.

The Miami Seaplane Base is also a dedicated seaplane museum decorated with Chalks and PAN-AM memorabilia. Free parking is included and the private terminal employees are there to assist you and answer all your questions. Our pilots will ensure that all of the proper paperwork is completed and provided to customs. On your way to your final destination we stop at the nearest Bahamian Customs location, such as Bimini or Nassau, to clear and fly to your final destination.

We do accept last minute flights, although we have a two (2) hour minimum between the time the flight must be booked and the time you fly in order to file paperwork with customs and the FAA. Regardless of your departure and arrival destination, our dedicated sales staff will ensure every detail is handled on your behalf. To our trained staff, the small details are the ones we recognize count the most.

Why Fly Private vs Commercial