Travel With Confidence

“Safe is Right” has been and will always be our number one core value. Our top priority is to ensure that our guests “Travel with Confidence” while flying with us. In response to the coronavirus, we have strengthened our cleaning and sanitation procedures onboard our aircraft and in our guest lounges. In addition, we have supplied our staff with personal protective equipment (PPE). These increased safety measures underscore our commitment to providing first-class private charter flights and scheduled service throughout Florida, The Bahamas, and beyond.


Suggested COVID-19 Testing Facilities:


Genome LLC

Land and Sea



  • Extensive cleaning and sanitizing in between each flight including wipe down of the aircraft interior and advanced fogging
  • Extensive cleaning and sanitizing in guest lounges and boarding areas
  • Additional hand sanitizer stations for guest use
  • Personal protective equipment (PPE) for our team will be worn at all times
  • Guests will undergo touchless temperature screenings
  • Guests are required to wear a face mask or face shield
  • All Tropic Ocean Airways have access to COVID-19 testing and flight crews are routinely tested


“We’ve built our company on the foundation of professionalism, safety, customer service, and compassion, and our team takes pride in providing our guests with the highest level of service while ensuring they have a safe and enjoyable ride to their destination. We know we will provide a true first-class service from beginning to end for you and your guests. We look forward to seeing you on board a Tropic Ocean Airways flight!”


– Rob Ceravolo


“In addition to the many levels of safety already practiced within our company, we have implemented enhance sanitation protocols to ensure our guests have the best possible travel experience. The Tropic team has been equipped with personal protective equipment.  In accordance to the CDC guidelines, we are thoroughly cleaning and sanitizing in between each flight. All the touch points of the aircraft interior are carefully sanitized. This level of detail will be also be applied to the guest lounges and boarding areas. We are asking our guests to wear a face mask or face shield in our boarding areas as well as onboard the aircraft. The safety of our team and guests is our top priority. We are ready when you are. Thank you for your continued support. Fly Tropic!”


– Nick Veltre


  • Private charter flights allow you to “fly on your terms”
  • Single seats for all guests (no side by side seating); no more than 9 guests on a flight
  • Tropic Ocean Airways operates from private terminals and flight facilities
  • Provide direct seaplane service to private islands, private resorts, and private yachts
  • Private customs and immigration clearing process (clears one flight at a time)

Questions about flying with Tropic Ocean Airways?