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    Top 5 Reasons Why Tropic Ocean Airways’ Seaplane Service Is The Best Way To Get To The Bahamas From South Florida

    December 02

    By The Tropic Ocean Airways Insider


    My recent trip to the Bahamas aboard a Tropic Ocean Airways Seaplane was hardly the first time I’d flown private. In fact, I’m one of those lucky travelers who’s been able to catch more than my fair share of rides aboard private planes over the years. And my Tropic Ocean Airways flight that took off from Miami wasn’t my first seaplane flight either. But it was the Best. And here are the Top 5 reasons why:


    1. The Ease Of Flying From The Miami Seaplane Base Instead Of Commercial Airports

    Of course, one of the perks of flying private is skipping the stress and security lines at commercial airports. But, nothing compares with the history, view and tangible “coolness” of the Miami Seaplane Base that’s only two miles east of downtown Miami on Watson Island. In fact, the lounge has big windows, comfortable couches and a much better view than any sterile first class lounge in a commercial airport.


    1. Taking Off From Miami’s Government Cut

    Boarding the plane only requires a few steps from the lounge. And then the pilots simply taxi down the launch ramp into the “runway.” In Miami, the “runway” is the blue water of Government Cut in the shadow of Miami’s bustling cruise ship dock and the pastel high rises of downtown Miami.

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    1. Top Notch Pilots And State-Of-The-Art Seaplanes

    Tropic Ocean Airways is an innovative seaplane airline that is revolutionizing travel to the tropics (and beyond) because their fleet of Cessna seaplanes (14 and counting) are simply the best money can buy. And their pilot program (both training and operations) sets a high standard for safety and professionalism that is unmatched anywhere in the world.

     And since their planes are so new and so well cared-for, the accommodations aboard are downright luxurious. The seats are spacious and comfortable. Cold drinks and snacks are available. And each flight crew is made up of two pilots whose ultimate responsibilities are obvious, but who make sure every passenger gets the VIP treatment.


    1. Expedited Security And Customs Service

    For some, being able to skip the lines at the airport and the time-consuming hassle of clearing through security are the only reasons they need to choose Tropic Ocean Airways. Most passengers only need to arrive about half an hour before departure. They’ll check you through their expedited security and get you on the plane (waiting just outside the lounge) with plenty of time to spare.

    Landing at the Miami Seabase will be just as easy because an official Customs officer will be waiting to clear you back into the USA when you arrive. This same service is available at various destinations in the Bahamas as well. But no matter what, the only people you’ll ever be in line with will be the lucky few that flew with you.


    1. The Whole Experience

    I still get a thrill every time I fly private. But theview of South Beach as we climbed out over the Gulfstream is really something special. And since seaplanes can fly slower, and at lower altitudes than commercial jets, the actual experience of flying from Miami to any number of destinations in the Bahamas is simply…better. Gazing down at the legendary blue water of the Bahamas is…relaxing. The hum of the turbine engine is… peaceful. The sunshine is…soothing.

    In fact, their goal is to make you feel like your vacation has started as you board. Because it has!

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    Explore Southern Eleuthera for an Authentic Bahamian Experience

    October 17

    The popularity of certain locations in The Bahamas is driven by access and social distribution of images and videos. Off the beaten track lies some of the greatest locations kept almost in secret for the best of reasons. We are exploring Southern Eleuthera to showcase the many opportunities to find a new destination that may have been overlooked.

    Driving south from Governor Harbour Airport along Queen’s Highway the road opens to turquoise and deep blue ocean views to the East driving through small towns and spotted colorful homes. This route also calls for stopping to find unexplored beaches, blue holes, and off-road trails if you have the vehicle for it.

    Windemere Island has one entrance via a bridge with guard house to allow the utmost privacy for those who own homes or choose a secluded home rental. This island was known for British Royalty visiting such as Prince Charles and Princess Diana on their honeymoon, celebrity weddings for Mariah Carey, and other well-known personalities. Our friends at Ocean Daze have a spectacular home rental offering direct access to both the beach with pink sand beaches and sound to the west. 

    Further south, new construction has been in place at Jack’s Bay. Currently lots are available for purchase and development while 10 of the 18-hole golf course designed by Tiger Woods is open. The property is quite impressive with one of the most beautiful coves on the island. With floor plans ranging from 2100 to 5000 square feet, this will soon be a highly sought-after destination. Flights into Rock Sound Airport or by seaplane make this convenient for any type of getaway.

    cape eleuthera resort

    To the southernmost point on the island Queen’s Highway forks. To the left allows access to both Princess Cay owned by Princess Cruise Lines and the recently announced Disney Cruise property at Lighthouse Beach. Turning right offers direct access to Island School and Cape Eleuthera Resort and Marina. Cape Eleuthera offers the most diverse and rich fishing locations in The Bahamas. With brand new single room cottages, villas, and a superb restaurant on site Cape Eleuthera continues to receive high remarks from their guests. With a bit of work, we may see the seaplane ramp return to service for future flights.

    If you are interested in learning more, please let our team work with you every step of the way for a unique vacation that is a little off the beaten path for all of the right reasons.

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    Now flying out of Puerto Rico

    October 08

    San Juan, Puerto Rico - The executive director of the Puerto Rico Tourism Company (CTPR), Carla Campos, welcomed Tropic Ocean Airways to Puerto Rico during a round table with the press held today in Bahía Urbana. The chief executive officer of the airline, Rob Ceravolo, and the president of the Caribbean division and general counsel, Bryan Winters, discussed details about the start of its operations on the Island and plans to establish a base of amphibious airplanes in Puerto Rico.

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    The worst has passed now #LetsGoBahamas

    October 03

    The Islands of The Bahamas are open for business! Fall is one of the islands’ best-kept secrets, Tropic Ocean Airways is excited to make it easy to book a trip this time of year. Whether it is a couple’s getaway after the kids are back to school or a holiday vacation with the family, we are here and excited to make it happen.

    - 10% of all profits will be donated directly to Hurricane Dorian Relief Efforts for all flights through 2019

    - All flights booked before October 31st will be discounted an additional 10% (some exclusions apply)

    Although Grand Bahama and Abaco were directly impacted, the majority of The Bahamas are warmly welcoming guests’ reservations for the fall. Tropic has and continues to support rebuilding efforts while providing our guests a unique experience unmatched in convenience.

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    Hurricane Dorian Relief Efforts

    September 26

    Tropic Ocean Airways provided relief after hurricanes Joaquin, Matthew and Irma but we knew that with our partners, we could do more. In June of 2019 we began planning with Blue Tide Marine (BTM) to develop our hurricane response strategy so that we would be fully prepared to take action in the event of a major storm.

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    Andros Untouched Splendor

    August 29

    Andros is the largest yet least developed island of all The Bahamas. This is a great location for a wedding or honeymoon, divers, fishermen, bird watchers, hikers, and for those who want to just get away from it all. The third largest barrier reef in the world lays only feet from the shore with a cascading drop in depth to over 6000 feet within one mile of the coast. The diverse and bountiful variety of sea life compliments the migrating and local rare species of birds only found in Andros. The Joulters are part of the Great Bahamas Bank of flats surrounding the western and northern shores offering world class Bone fishing. Historical landmarks can be found from the days of Privateers to the English escaping the Americas during the Revolution.

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    Great Ideas to explore The Bahamas

    August 26

    For those who have been to The Bahamas many times you have your favorite spot for fresh conch salad, top fishing locations or guides, and preferred place to stay. We would like to open some new ideas to include and maybe provide something different to explore. A great starting point is with the Bahamas Out Island website.

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    Travel to Harbour Island

    August 22

    Dunmore Town is on a small island directly east of the North Eleuthera Airport. This charming island was founded by English Loyalists fleeing during the Revolutionary War in the 1700s. Early settlers were fisherman and farmers. In the 1800s, Dunmore town became Harbour Island’s first settlement. Dunmore town was a shipyard and sugar refinement center, leading to a profitable industry – RUM!

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    The World is Our Runway

    Where would you want to travel if the runway and cars were not a challenge?

    August 15

    Our Charter team is asked often where we can fly our guests to on a regular basis. It is sometimes difficult to imagine a seaplane takes you almost anywhere you could imagine visiting.

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