Making A Difference

  • 20 Communities Helped
  • 850+ People Evacuated
  • 197,000+ Pounds of Relief Aid Delivered

The road of recovery for the islands of Abaco and Freeport after Hurricane Dorian will be hard and costly. Bahamians, however, are strong and they’re together. The people and place mean so much to us at Tropic Ocean Airways. In the immediate aftermath, we’ve been working nonstop to provide aid, relief, and recovery. Our expertise played an intergral role in intelligence gathering while flight recons over the disaster area provided aerial shots that guided rescue crews to safe landing zones.

Many communities are inaccessible due to severely damaged roads or are located on small isles with no runways. We have focused efforts beyond the capitals to provide relief, medical aid, and evacuations to areas like Moore’s Island, Green Turtle, Fox Town, and others. Tropic Ocean Airways was able to fly dirt bikes, all-terrain vehicles, and Blue Tide Marine personnel to get medical attention and supplies to those in need. We have also partnered with the Global Empowerment and Discovery Land Company to deliver supplies to these communities. 

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Crown Haven

Blackwood village

The farm

Coopers town

Guana Cay

Cedar Harbour

Fox Town

Moores island

Scotland Cay


Lubbers Cay

Hope Town

West End

Sandy Point

Spanish Cay

Green Turtle

Marsh Harbour

Treasure Cay

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