Cargo & Additional Services

More Reasons to Fly Tropic

We offer more than private and scheduled flights. We can help deliver cargo to you, your business, your yacht, your construction site, and more. And, should you need them, we’re ready to help with medical comfort flights and disaster relief.

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Personal Cargo

Having packages delivered to your destination, even remote island destinations, is convenient with Tropic Ocean Airways. Simply order from any online retailer, and have your items shipped to us — we’ll take care of the rest.

Commercial Cargo

Restaurants and resorts rely on Tropic Ocean Airways to deliver the supplies they need to keep their business going. All they do is order from any online retailer, have items shipped to us, and we’ll make sure delivery is timely and to their specifications.

Disaster Relief

Tropic Ocean Airways has experience assisting those affected by natural disasters and other emergency situations. We’re ready to quickly deliver security teams, disaster supplies, communication equipment, food and water. And we’re able to assist in search and rescue operations.

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