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Let's face the facts...air travel is a major source of the greenhouse gas emissions that may contribute to global warming. Additionally, aviation pollutes the environment in other ways such as fuel and oil spills. We at Tropic Ocean Airways believe that we have a responsibility to protect the delicate world in which we operate in. In order to help reduce the impact we have on the environment, we have implemented several green initiatives:


1. We are Carbon Neutral. We balance out our "carbon footprint" by purchasing carbon offsets through TerraPass, making us Carbon neutral! By funding clean energy projects, we sponsor a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions that are directly proportional to the emissions created by your flight. Currently, TerraPass funds support three types of clean energy projects in the US:


  • Dairy farms through the capture of agricultural methane
  • Landfill methane capture
  • Clean energy produced by wind power


2. We recapture fuel during testing. Watch some aircraft operators during a preflight inspection. When testing fuel for impurities, the fuel is drained into a small clear container, checked, then poured into the ground. We use a special receptor which "traps" water and other impurities, filtering it from the fuel which we then reintroduce into our tanks, avoiding the unnecessary pollution normally caused by the fuel disposal.


3. We burn less fuel. We installed special injectors which balance fuel distribution and a high-tech engine monitor which allows us to use fuel settings which eliminate unnecessary fuel burn, reducing our emissions.


These initiatives are in place at no additional cost to you.


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